independent writers & organizations who contribute to the Diurna.

Sam Richards

An independent journalist out of Minneapolis, Sam is best known for his investigation into the FBI’s secret aircraft surveillance fleet. Sam believes in the power of independent media and writes because our generation needs the news, minus the agenda. Writing independently for now, Sam is working on a new outlet, the North Star Post, with the sole interest of “disseminating the real news to the People.”

twitter: @MinneapoliSam

Max Bachmann

A native of Dresden, Germany, Max is an independent journalist and filmmaker working closely with a crowd-funded media company in Deutschland. Since April of this year, Max has been wielding his camera at protests and other events, looking to document the truth about world happenings. Max plans to complete media school in Dresden in 2017, when he will continue his efforts to speak truth to power.

News Feather

Launched in July 2014, News Feather seeks to condense complex news items into 10 lines or less. Check out their website at and view their posts here.

If you’d like to join us in writing or contributing to the Diurna, hit us up at


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