Paradise, CA officer will not face criminal charges, Mayor pleads for patience

Just before midnight on Thanksgiving Eve, Officer Patrick Feaster was sitting in his patrol car when he saw a Toyota 4-Runner speed out of the Canteena Bar in Paradise, California. The driver, Andrew Nicholas Thomas, ran a red light and later careened onto the median, flipping his SUV and ejecting his wife, Darien Ehorn, from the passenger seat and onto the pavement.


Uber vs. NYC

The Committee for Taxi Safety, an industry group composed of New York City taxi reps, proposed a cap on the number of new for-hire vehicles in the city a few months back. The cap is aimed squarely at Uber and other app-based ride-hailing companies which are quickly outpacing the taxi industry. Last month, the NYC city council introduced legislation mirroring the CTS proposal. Here’s what you need to know.

The real agenda behind the Greek Debt Crisis

Why would the EU and ECB demand such a ruthless and illogical deal even though the IMF have admitted this deal is not sustainable in a recent IMF report on Greek debt sustainability? It’s partly to do with the fact that real valuable Greek assets are being given away in order to pay off debts, but there’s more to it than a group of creditors competing to see who can buy up the most Greek Islands and airports. It’s also about political control. – contacting congress made way easier

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has unveiled a new tool designed to make contacting your congressional representatives a whole lot easier. streamlines a process that previously required over 15 steps to email both senators and your house representative, into a simple, three-step system.

Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies in King v Burwell

The Supreme Court issued a 6-3 ruling in favor of the government on Thursday, closing yet another constitutional challenge to the President’s health care law.

The issue at hand was a few specific words in the Affordable Care Act: “an exchange established by the state”. The petitioners, four Virginia residents who didn’t want to purchase health insurance, interpreted this clause to mean that only people in states with their own health care exchanges were eligible for the tax credits provided by the ACA, leaving out 5 million people who signed up for coverage through the federal exchange (