– contacting congress made way easier

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has unveiled a new tool designed to make contacting your congressional representatives a whole lot easier. streamlines a process that previously required over 15 steps to email both senators and your house representative, into a simple, three-step system.


Supreme Court upholds Obamacare subsidies in King v Burwell

The Supreme Court issued a 6-3 ruling in favor of the government on Thursday, closing yet another constitutional challenge to the President’s health care law.

The issue at hand was a few specific words in the Affordable Care Act: “an exchange established by the state”. The petitioners, four Virginia residents who didn’t want to purchase health insurance, interpreted this clause to mean that only people in states with their own health care exchanges were eligible for the tax credits provided by the ACA, leaving out 5 million people who signed up for coverage through the federal exchange (

Senate moves Fast-Track forward (60-37)

The Senate voted 60-37 on Tuesday morning to invoke cloture on Trade Promotion Authority, meaning a final vote will be held tomorrow with no further opportunities for debate or amendments. The upper chamber needed 60 votes to pass the measure, making the 13 affirmative democratic votes all the more crucial in advancing the President’s trade agenda.