Caught in the Crossfire outside the Waller County Jail

Until we as a nation learn that racism cannot be eradicated with more racism; that police brutality and unlawful killings are not just the problem of one class, but of all; that until we come together as People, rather than blacks or whites or Latinos, we can’t make progress; until then, we will continue to regress as a society. White, black or brown, the enemy is not each other. The enemy wears a badge.


Letter from the Editor

Until about a year ago, I had a vague understanding of how uninformed we as a society are. Once I started to pay attention to the news, I couldn’t stop. Part of my obsession was a thirst for knowledge about the world around me. What truly drove me to seek more news, though, was the low quality of reporting I was seeing. Page after page, article after article of partisan jabs, terrorism-hyping, political slander and a downright refusal to question those in power. I continued to find vile commentary and political punditry passed off as “news”, and by January I was fed up.

An Open Letter to FBI Director James Comey

Let me tell you about what we know, Mr. Comey, because you and yours were just inept enough to let us have it when we asked. We know about your organization creating domestic terrorists. Do you like apples, Mr. Comey? How about those apples?

Mr. Comey, your technical ineptitude and wishful thinking aside, I will say that it is my opinion that you are unfit for your job and are not up to muster on the duty upon which you have solemnly sworn. I am personally calling for your dismissal from your post though I will accept resignation as well.

Memories Pizza & mainstream misinformation

What’s the alternative? The RFRA – though never before used to actually defend discrimination on the basis of race or sexual orientation – allows private individuals the right to express their own religious beliefs. Would we rather see Memories Pizza forced to cater a gay wedding by federal decree?