NewsFeather | Top drug trafficker escapes from prison in Mexico

“Guzman is the new Al Capone of Chicago.” – Chicago DEA


  1. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman broke out of a Mexican prison 7/12.
  2. He used a secret tunnel to escape the maximum security prison.
  3. This is his 2nd jail break. In 2001, he escaped in a laundry cart.
  4. A giant manhunt is underway for the Sinaloa drug cartel boss.
  5. El Chapo has been declared Public Enemy No. 1 in Chicago.
  6. The Sinaloa cartel supplies the majority of drugs in Chicago.
  7. There is currently a $3.8 million award for his capture.
  8. DEA knew about escape plan “chatter” & gave info to Mexico.
  9. Forbes Magazine estimates Guzman is worth $1 billion.
  10. Guzman is 5’ 6” tall. El Chapo means “shorty” in Spanish.

This article originally appeared at and was published with permission.


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